What are you thankful for? Give back in gratitude with a gift in your will. Catholic Legacy Week 20-26 May. Click to tell us what you're grateful for. Your Catholic Legacy.

Transform lives with a gift in your Will

This Catholic Legacy Week, 20th – 26th May 2024, we give thanks for you, our generous supporters, who have enabled the life-changing work of Catholic causes by leaving a gift in your will.

Your final gift, whatever the size, will help to provide everything the poorest children need to thrive in our care at school. This includes a safe place to sleep, nutrition, healthcare and accredited teaching. It will help the poorest children in the world to access a life changing education.

Your gift will also transform the lives of the poorest families and communities as these vulnerable children become independent adults. Due to your gift, they will be able to help generations of their families onto a better life, ensuring the impact of your gift is multiplied and the memory of your generosity will be celebrated long into the future.

What are you thankful for? Leaving a gift in your Will to World Villages for Children means you can show your gratitude and make a lasting difference for generations of the world’s poorest.

Interested to learn more about our involvement with Your Catholic Legacy or how you can leave your most significant gift and have your will written for free via the Free Wills Network? Click the buttons below.

We’re so grateful for the generosity of people like you.