Celebrating the teachers who give so much to educate our children

teacher points to student with hand raised in classroom

The transformation of education begins with teachers

Today, we celebrate the incredible teachers around the world who give so much to teach and prepare the new generation of children for life outside of the classroom. Teachers are influential and can leave a lasting impact on their students long after they leave school.

Following on from the UN’s Transforming Education Summit in September 2022, UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day celebrates the theme “The transformation of education begins with teachers”.

Teachers are on the frontline of education every day. They not only teach children but also care for them, prepare them with life skills, and help support the wellbeing of children under their care.

Dora teaching at the girls school in Guatemala
Dora teaching at the girls school in Guatemala

Giving back

We are indebted to the skilled and dedicated teachers in all our schools. Some of them are graduates from the schools. They are all committed to helping the poorest children and have a deep understanding of the struggles every child faces but particularly those who are born into poverty.

In Guatemala, our student Clara went on to study teaching after graduating from the Sisters of Mary school, Villa de las Niñas in Zona 13. Clara was able to attend university and study maths and physics as a result of the quality teaching she received at school. Clara has came back to Villa de las Niñas to teach maths and physics to other girls like her, wanting to give back and support girls in the same situation she was in.

Dora, also from Guatemala, started school at Villa de las Niñas in 2003. After graduating, she worked in finance and studied teaching part time. She is now back at the school, teaching and helping other poor girls in Guatemala to receive a vital education.

two students and their teacher presenting baked goods made in class

Giving back

Melvin, is a graduate from Cebu in the Philippines. One of 12 children from a deeply impoverished family, Melvin understands the real challenges every child in our programmes face.

Melvin graduated in 2005 and found a position at the Marriot Hotel in Cebu, where he pursued his passion for culinary arts. During this time, Melvin’s father tragically passed away during Typhoon Yolanda and he was able to continue supporting the rest of his family following the tragedy.

After working in Saudi Arabia at the Hilton Hotel, Melvin accepted a post with the Sisters at the newest school in Tanzania. He now teaches girls from extreme poverty practical skills in baking, and bread and pastry making at Kisarawe Girlstown.

Melvin has given so much back to his local community and now to other children like him in Tanzania.

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