Teacher teaching a class of female students while writing on the board

World Teachers Day

Today we take the opportunity to celebrate the work and dedication of all the teachers at the Sisters of Mary schools.

Thanks to their care and hard work, the children who arrive at our schools learn how to learn, transforming their world.

They love their studies. They grow in confidence, thrive in class, develop new interests and abilities and learn skills that they can share with their families and which will help them to find work when they finish school.

Teacher in front of a chalboard and students in a classroom

Despite the pandemic, our schools around the world have remained open. Many of our teachers moved into the school to isolate with the children and maintain lessons, or they provided virtual lessons. Our children continued their studies of academic and vocational subjects accredited by the regional education authorities and which focus on trades and industries with local job opportunities.

Our teachers are at the heart of the education we provide to the children in our care. We are indebted to them.

Watch Jason, the English teacher in Honduras, talking about why he loves working at the Sisters of Mary girls school there.
Our students are desperate to learn, they know how much an education will change their life.