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The right to education

Every child has the right to education, but not every child can access education. Multidimensional poverty, lack of provision and access and many other factors are barriers to children receiving a quality education

Our programmes reach out to the most disadvantaged children with the biggest barriers to education to give them more equitable access to this basic human right.

Without quality education, children get left behind, trapped in the poverty they were born into, with little support or opportunity for a better future.

This World Children’s Day, help us remove barriers to education and bring free, quality education to more children to equip them for an independent, brighter future.

Boys in class at their desks

How we bring quality education to children in need

World Villages for Children supports the most vulnerable and deprived children into education by funding school places for the poorest children in the Sisters of Mary Schools worldwide.

Our programmes support children by

  • Visiting communities to meet children in need of education
  • Offering free school places with safe shelter, food, clothing, education to care for every need
  • Supporting children in their education through their schooling with academic learning, vocational training, sport, hobbies, and nurturing their passions and talents
  • Supporting children into stable employment when they graduate from school
  • Creating a network of graduates to support one another in life after they finish school