We believe in a brighter future created for, and by, children, where the course of a person’s life is not dictated by the circumstances of their birth, where there is genuine equality of opportunity, regardless of race, gender, or beliefs.

Girls in class with their hands up

Our mission

We know that education is the key to ending poverty and achieving sustainable positive change. Children can only learn effectively in a safe, secure and loving environment.

World Villages for Children supports the education programmes of the Sisters of Mary to run live-in schools for the most deprived boys and girls across the world.

In the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras and Tanzania we provide equitable access to education for boys and girls and fund school places and all the daily care needed for nearly 20,000 of the world’s most deprived children each year.

Alongside a strong academic foundation, the children learn the vocational and social skills they need to find employment, gain confidence and self respect.

Above all they experience the joy of a childhood free from fear and the chance of a future free from poverty for themselves and their loved ones.

Our mission, values and ethical framework

Our mission is to fund the education and care of the world’s most impoverished children. We care passionately about our work raising funds to provide access for these boys and girls to a proper childhood with education and full time care. We do our work with dedication and integrity, ensuring the gifts entrusted to us by our supporters are carefully stewarded and spent on providing the best possible future for these vulnerable children.

Our mission

World Villages for Children is working towards a world where every girl and boy grows up free from poverty.

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Our values

Our humanitarian work is based on compassion, dedication and integrity. These values provide guidance and inspiration as we deliver our charitable mission.

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Our ethical framework

Our ethical framework and supporting policies guide us in how we assess relationships inside and outside the charity, including procurement, funding or any significant activity.

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The Sisters of Mary on their humanitarian work

Sister Zeny talks about the life changing work of the Sisters of Mary education programmes

“The children believe in their hearts that the opportunity to study with us can truly change their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Seeing their misery, and how we bring hope to the families of the students whom we have helped made me ever so grateful. We will work hard to ensure that every child is equipped with the skills and values which they need to succeed”

Sister Marchery Kisarawe Girlstown, Tanzania