new boys, Amarateca, Jan 2021
New boys in class, Honduras, 2021

Transparency and reporting to our donors

When you donate to World Villages for Children, the money goes to the countries and schools within the Sisters of Mary programmes where the need is most pressing. It provides for the existing children in school and also funds new school places for the most deprived children who are urgently in need from the regions. This includes funding a regular yearly intake of new children at the existing schools as well as help with school expansions within country (eg Honduras) and new schools in new countries (eg Tanzania).

When the Sisters of Mary utilise your donations in the care of the children, they report back to us in detail on the expenditure. We monitor this activity both from the UK and on-site at the schools. Our independent auditors scrutinise these reports and the entire grant distribution process to ensure accuracy and compliance with sector standards.

Girls in the New electronics workshop
Thank you for your help - New Electronics Workshop Guatemala

Your support in 2020

This transparency allows us to report back to our donors at a detailed level. So we know that in 2020 you funded health and hygiene essentials for the schools in the Philippines to keep the children in school healthy and safe from the Covid-19 virus. You also helped with vital supplies of rice, flour and milk to maintain a balanced diet for all the children and essential repairs to the school buildings.

In Mexico, you funded vital food, medicines, educational supplies and equipment for remote learning. And in Guatemala, your funds provided the children with a regular supply of food, educational equipment, clothing and shoes for school and also supported the construction of a new electronics workshop to get the girls work-ready for local job vacancies in this specialism.

Students holding new text books in Tanzania

We also know that thanks to you in 2020 our children in Brazil were provided with essential food supplies, clothing and healthcare items and education equipment to support the new remote and blended learning. Your gifts also helped us to provide a regular supply of water for drinking and washing for the children in the schools.

As well as all the essential supplies, our children in Honduras were thrilled to receive the equipment they needed to keep them learning online during the pandemic – including technology hardware like display monitors and internet routers.

And at the new girlstown in Kisarawe,Tanzania, your funds helped to provide vital educational supplies like text and reference books, pens and pencils. Good quality textbooks are difficult to obtain in Tanzania and your funds were spent on titles needed by the girls to pass their exams and progress their learning. Your donations also purchased computers and furniture for the new school library.

Evelyn, Philippines graduate with OJT girls


Your support creates lasting change in poverty within every one of the communities where we operate our programmes today. Our graduates help us to sustain our work with their commitment to ‘pay it forward’.

They further our mission by giving a helping hand to the Sisters of Mary, assisting with the younger children who’ve come after them, helping current students into work experience (we call it On the Job training (OTJ)) or graduates into employment. Some return to teach or fulfil other jobs for the schools; a few others even find their vocation.

The result is a lasting change that profoundly and effectively transforms many more lives than those who have experienced our programmes first-hand.

Student hugging his father


The programmes you fund break the cycle of poverty for children in the poorest regions. They transform families and entire communities.

To date, more than 150,000 children have graduated from our education programmes and had the opportunity to realise a brighter future.

These children have gone on to support generations of their own families with access to better healthcare and  education, multiplying the effectiveness of our mission and the impact of your donation many times over.