Two children with an older relative

Affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption

The programmes are run on a modest and sustainable basis. The Sisters receive no salary for their work and all WVC fundraising is channelled into the provision of care, a quality education and a good start in life for the children at these programmes. The Sisters generate huge savings in caring for the children by growing and making much of their own food. It costs just £10 to feed a child for a week in the Philippines.

The schools are moving towards clean energy provision with solar panels installed in the Philippines and Honduras for responsible consumption and to reduce electricity cost. The facilities at the schools are conscientiously used not just for the children at school but where possible to meet the additional care needs of the wider community for medical care, kindergarten and day care and as training centres. These facilities allow impoverished families the chance to access free healthcare, go out to work whilst their youngsters are cared for or to upskill to learn a new trade and find work.