World Villages for Children (WVC) does not tolerate abuse, maltreatment or neglect of any kind and is committed to safeguarding, protecting and fulfilling our duty of care to those we work with in the UK, the children in our care overseas and the immediate families of our children in the communities we serve.

Group of girls in a corridor wearing uniforms and a school bag

The protection of children is at the heart of our work

WVC  supports the Sisters of Mary programmes to provide care and education for the poorest children overseas.

We engage with supporters, inspire them to donate, steward that support and raise awareness of the extreme poverty faced by children in the developing world and its humanitarian implications for them, their families and their communities.

Everything we do in the UK funds the delivery of the education programmes overseas run by the Sisters of Mary and the professional teachers, advisers and care givers employed by them.

Daycare children playing with buckets and spades

WVC maintains safeguarding processes

In line with best practice, our WVC safeguarding policy is designed to keep safe all our staff, volunteers and all those immediately involved in our charity work in the UK. We maintain conduct guides and reporting procedures which cover staff and volunteers in the UK and where they work directly with the children overseas. We train and update to support capacity in safeguarding. We also oversee the Sister’s safeguarding practices and procedures at the schools as part of our governance duties and safeguarding responsibilities.

Together these safeguarding practices ensure a safe environment for our staff, volunteers, stakeholders and all our vulnerable beneficiaries at all times.