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New impact research undertaken

As part of our ongoing commitment to illustratethe impact that we are creating with your support we have conducted surveys amongst our graduates and alumni of the Sisters of Mary schools across the world in the Philippines, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil.

This brand new impact research has resulted in exciting metrics and valuable insights that show the difference that you are making.

As you know, providing an education for the poorest children has a big impact on poverty relief for families living in deprivation. When children acquire the skills they need to find work and create an independent future, they are able to help their families and communities onto a better life. Our research shows just how many family members are touched and supported by our work.

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Research Results

We know that employment rates for our graduates are higher than the national average in each country  but we now know specific metrics on employment. That (61%) of the children that leave school in the Philippines have job offers before they leave school or within 6 months of leaving. We use this metric within our Theory of Change analysis.

We can now also see that 80% of our survey sample of Philippine graduates go on to support their families when they leave school and find work. This is a massive confirmation of our long term understanding. Our research continues.

Ultimately, measuring impact ensures we are moving in the right direction. It shows that our interventions are enabling families and communities blighted by poverty and deprivation to have better lives. When children have the skills necessary for employment and secure good stable jobs it means their families can afford proper shelter, access to education and healthcare and their siblings can find work and ensure their futures are better than their past.

Insight on the outcomes and impact

The survey of graduates carried out between May and July 2022 showed for the first time the wider outcomes of the lives of thousands of graduates from the Sisters of Mary schools worldwide. From a range of specific questions on further education, employment and the chosen sectors of work, we were able to ascertain the difference made and the change created in the lives of the children we educated.

I had a job offer prior to leaving school 36%
I found a job within six months of leaving school 26%
I found a job 12 months after leaving school 14%
I set up my own business or rejoined my family 23%
I am still looking for a job 1%

The biggest response within the survey was from the Philippine programmes, by far the largest number of graduates are from these schools and so the following insight is extracted from their data.

How long did it take you to find your first job after graduating at the Sisters of Mary school?

76% of graduates surveyed revealed if they were looking for a job they were able to secure one by 12 months after leaving school. Many graduates go on to further education at University or college and those graduates who work go into manufacturing, retail, science, research, IT, business and finance. Many start up their own organisations and some also work for NGOs or public sector employers.

Yes 80%
No 20%

Since Graduation and finding work have you been able to, and active in, helping your family?

The response on this question was overwhelming and indicates that those children who are working and financially self-sufficient are highly motivated to pay forward the benefit of their education by helping their families.

The case study evidence of this multiplier effect of their education shows that the graduates go on to provide financial support for their families, help with healthcare and medical bills, support on utilities and food provision and provide access to education for generations of their loved ones.

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