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Edwin’s Story

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Edwin and Cleofe sitting together in school uniform

Discover how the lives of our children and graduates have been transformed, thanks to the life-changing education they have received.

With a place at school, the children in our care have a proper start in life. They learn what they need to find reliable employment when they finish school but they also develop life-skills and values. They learn agency and take responsibility for their place in society. They have compassion, make friends, become stronger and more resilient individuals. They learn self-worth, self-discipline and how to live sustainably.

The stories of our children, their journey from poverty and the contributions they make in the world convey the transformative power of the Sisters of Mary education programmes and the impact of our work.


Children's stories
Close up shot of Lesly

Lesly’s Story

Lesly is 12 years old and comes from the village of Nueva Candelaria in Santa Rosa. Lesly’s family struggles to access fresh water regularly, placing additional pressure on her family.

Edwin and Cleofe sitting together in school uniform

Edwin’s Story

My name is Edwin and I am 12 years old. I have a twin called Cleofe and two other younger brothers. My parents are simple farmers who till the soil for us in order to survive.

Graziela smiling at the camera

Graziela’s Story

Playing with friends, eating nutritious food, and being loved by my parents. None of these things were experienced by me.

Angel standing with her father and Sister in a lean to with cooking equipment

Angel’s Story

Angel came to the Sisters of Mary School in Biga, Cebu from a poor family of barbeque vendors. Angel is now at school in her first year of secondary school and is enjoying her life with her classmates.

Frenchzai with Sister Molina and her family at home

Frenchzai’s Story

Frenchzai comes from a poor family and after her parent separated, was looked after by her grandparents. After her grandfather died, life was a real struggle for their family.

Cinta in her uniform outside

Cintia’s Story

The eldest of three children and from a very poor family. Cintia had a violent upbringing which culminated in her father’s desertion of her family leaving her mother to farm in order to support them all

Arturo in assembly as a student

Arturo’s Story

Arturo’s early life in Monte Blanco, Mexico, was very hard. With no money for food, the family was always hungry and from the age of seven, Arturo was expected to work every day in the fields harvesting coffee and sugar to earn a few pesos to support the family.

SaF Brasilia 2022 Lara Yasmin

Lara’s Story

Lara comes from a poor family in Brazil and her life changed when she entered the Sisters of Mary school in Brasilia

SaF Brasilia 2022 Lauanda Kaylane

Lauanda’s Story

Lauanda comes from a very poor family in rural Brazil. Her parents are separated and she dreams of becoming an accountant to help her family.

Naomi Lineth headshot with purple flowers in the background

Lineth’s Story

Lineth came to Villa de las Niñas in 2021 from a very poor, broken family where she experienced abuse. When she came to Villa de las Niñas, Lineth found a supportive family she can share her life with.

Dora's story

Hear from Dora, former student and current teacher at our girls' school in Guatemala, how your donations changed her life.

“I shall never have enough words to thank the people who make possible the mission of the Sisters of Mary, as I am the living proof of how their donation can transform lives”

Arturo Mexico

“I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned in this school. May many many more poor children and their families be helped by World Villages for Children and the Sisters of Mary.”

Irenea Philippines

“Honestly, without the excellent education provided for me by World Villages for Children, I would not be where I am now with my job and my ability to help my family live a better life.”

Luis Guatemala
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