stuents standing in a row on stage at summit
Joel and other student participants - Transforming Education Summit 2022

Participating in the UN TES Summit August 2022

Today, Joel, one of our Grade 12 Philippine Boystown students at school in Minglanilla, participated in the United Nations Transforming Education (TES) Summit 2022 held in Manila.

Meeting to summarise the issues and priority areas for the development of education in the country, the conference featured stakeholders in the Philippine education system from throughout the country.

Joel was chosen by the Philippine Department of Education to represent the Sisters of Mary school and its student body and to add his voice to the movement towards shaping the country’s basic education development plan for 2030.



Student with Sister at Transforming Education Summit, Manila
Joel and Sr Chelo at the Transforming Education Summit, Manila

Supporting future generations of children

We are so proud of the opportunity our students in the Philippines have to add their voice to plans to improve education and opportunities for generations to come.

Thanks to the support of our donors, our boys and girls who are beneficiaries of education in the Philippines, are blessed to be able to advocate for other children and their future education.

We are so proud of their inclusion in such important conversations around learning.

“The voices of our stakeholders, especially of the youth, will amplify our nation’s needs and aspirations in achieving safe, equitable and quality basic education for all Filipinos” – United Nations Transforming Education (TES) Summit 2022

All of us, the youth of this country, deserve to have a safe and accessible education, regardless of our stations or status in life.

Joel's speech

“I am Joel, from the Sisters of Mary School Boystown, Minglanilla, Cebu. All of us, the youth of this country, deserve to have a safe and accessible education, regardless of our stations or status in life.

Living in a slum area made me witness the cruelty of poverty on every aspect of a poor child. There are moments when we think that education has no value. I have witnessed my friends dropping out from school because of poverty and vices. I have witnessed many being bullied because of their educational attainment. Because of these reasons, many of us had already lost hope in life. We lost our dreams to have a decent job and enjoy life to the fullest. We neglect the importance of education in our existence. For us, working is better than studying. Even though we are small in physical appearance, but we have the biggest dreams for our future and we hope that the government should hear our loudest voice of all.”