A framework for evaluation

In 2019 we initiated a Theory of Change exercise. Workshops were run within the Charity, with the Sisters of Mary programmes in the Philippines, and with our sister charities in Europe and the US.

This exercise has helped us model and evaluate our activities and will culminate in the production of an impact measurement framework.

Four Sisters writing on a large piece of paper
Philippines - Biga Girlstown 2020
Four Sisters writing on a large piece of paper while a fifth Sister takes a photo
Philippines - Sisters of Mary Theory of Change Workshop

The aim


Our Theory of Change project articulates our goals and what we, at World Villages for Children want to be held accountable for.

The project is helping us to define the activities and outcomes that constitute the journey of change for the poorest children. Conducting the process has three main objectives. Firstly it will ensure our charity activities are meeting the need. Secondly it will provide us with indicators to measure the performance of our work in achieving our goal. Thirdly it will help us measure our impact on ending poverty for the most marginalized children and communities in the world.

We have developed a Theory of Change Infographic to illustrate our vision, our activities, the outcome of our work and the long term impact on poverty relief.

Theory of Change - How we measure our impact


We ensure the activities we fund have the greatest impact on the children's health, wellbeing and future prospects.

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Intermediate outcomes

The children graduating from our programmes leave with the skills, confidence and experience needed to secure employment and support the local economy.

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Long-term impact

We call this the 'multiplier-effect' - our graduates are able to support themselves and their families, ending the cycle of poverty which has lasted for generations.

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