Children growing up in extreme poverty around the world are profoundly affected by the hardships they experience and the consequences can be life long. With little access to education, chance of employment is low and the problem of poverty is transmitted on through the generations.

With the support of our donors, World Villages for Children raises funds for the programmes of the Sisters of Mary to address this need. The programmes provide care and full time education and vocational skills training to children living in the most difficult and impoverished situations. With a good education and vocational skills, children can overcome their difficult early lives, secure local employment and vulnerable young children can become self sufficient adults.

In the Sisters of Mary school in Guatemala, 1200 keen youngsters are studying electronics to help them get employment when they leave school, but the workshop equipment is old and out of date and they lack modern tools to help them learn and practice the latest techniques.

As part of our Big Give fundraising campaign we are raising funds to provide new tools for this electronics workshop. The Big Give campaign, which commences at 12 noon on 27th November (Giving Tuesday) and ends at 12 noon on 4th December, is an online match funding campaign - this means that every donation we raise during the campaign will be matched by our funding champion. This is a very cost effective way for us to raise funds and means that every donation we raise will be doubled in value - your donations go twice as far. 

You can make twice the impact on poverty

Arturo is one of the graduates from our schools. His early life was one of terrible poverty working to help his family, from the age of 6, in the fields harvesting coffee and sugar. His life of hardship was transformed when he was offered the chance of a place at the Sisters of Mary school. He says 

"At school with the Sisters of Mary I really loved my electronics class, I clearly remember one of our final exams was to make a Telegraph and use it to send a message in Morse code to another guy who was in another classroom".

With the care of the Sisters and the skills he learned in his classes, he has been able to graduate into a good job with IBM and most recently joined Technicolour. Several of his school friends have developed thriving careers in electronics.

Independent and finally free from poverty, all these young adults go on to share the care and compassion they received from our donors, by supporting generations of their families and local communities out of poverty.  

With the help of the Big Give we can raise the money needed to provide new tools & materials to help more children like Arturo to learn the skills and techniques they need to acquire a good trade . With up to date tools they can hone their skills, practice and expand their knowledge of modern methods so that they become proficient in this new trade and have improved chances of local employment and lives free from poverty.

Please support our Big Give appeal so that we can raise the money we need for tools for our children in Guatemala. Click the link and donate on the Big Give website to ensure that your donation makes double the impact.