Dear Friends and Donors

As the year 2023 is almost to end, with gratitude in our hearts, we acknowledge the wondrous blessings that we all receive this year. Despite the many challenges of calamities, political and economic instabilities in the countries where we have our mission, with the grace of God, all our charity programs continue to operate and even we have expanded and are able to help more poor children.

We were able to accept more than 5,000 new children in all our villages out of so many applicants. More than 2,000 have graduated and the majority were able to find jobs after successfully completing their on-the-job training. This year, we are taking care of and educating more than 20,000 children and young people.

It is so encouraging to see how our Tanzania project has developed in just a few years. Our sisters have met difficulties but seeing the miserable condition of the poor, their zeal to alleviate their suffering, surmounted all these. There are already 800 students at the Girlstown, 150 kindergarten at the Day care and every 6 months, 100 young ladies are being trained and almost a hundred percent land jobs or start small shops in their places.

We have also established the pilot project for the boys in Dodoma which as of this time, has already more than a hundred boys, happily studying and are provided for with their daily needs. It is a great relief for them, since these boys were just supposed to work in the farm or do whatever odd jobs since they could not go to high school due to poverty.

All these we owe to your generosity. Without your love, concern and support we cannot do anything. You have transformed the lives of so many children and have given them hope not to build castles in the air but the practical way of making their dreams come true. Many might not be able to see these children personally but know that whenever you see a happy and successful youth, you have made many of them at the Sisters of Mary Girlstowns and Boystowns.

And so our prayers this Christmas, is that you truly be happy and at peace because you are giving the best gift to many poor children: the assurance of a bright future for them now and for their families and many more in the future. May our Lord Jesus in the manger give you the joy for having comforted Him in the least of our brethren. Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Blissful New Year!

Sincerely yours,

Sr. Elena Belarmino, SM