Clare Bamberger in World Villages for Children branded running gear

Clare Bamberger

Clare began her career as a small-business owner, teacher and translator for 20 years. Following her passion for social justice and education, she enrolled as a mature student for a BSc in Paris and an MSc in London in voluntary sector management while moving into fundraising roles. She set up Insight teams at international development charity Christian Aid and then at the House of Commons.

Clare now runs her own consultancy, helping voluntary sector organisations embed change. She is honoured to be a trustee with World Villages for Children because she believes that the simple act of providing education, to girls and boys, is the route to helping people take ownership of their own futures and to have a positive impact on their communities. Clare’s trustee remit is fundraising and demonstrating impact, meaning that she advises on how income to the schools from the UK can be sustained and increased.