girl writing on chalkboard in class
Rejane (left)

Early life

Rejane from Brasilia Girlstown is 17 years old. Rejane is one of five siblings. After her parent’s separated, her mother became depressed and started drinking even the family did not have any money for our their daily meals. Life was very difficult. Rejane’s mother couldn’t find job, and her father did not support the family financially. One day, the Sisters of Mary came to their village and Rejane was accepted into the school in Brasilia.

Rejane describes in her own words how the Sisters of Mary school has changed her life: “The Sisters of Mary Girlstown became my earthly paradise. I learn many things. I love to play sports especially soccer and martial arts like Taekwondo. I want to be a broadcaster someday. I want to be search the truth, spread the truth, and at the same time help my family’s living condition. I am so proud that I am one of the luckiest girl to take part of the saintly work of Father Al. To our friends and donors, I would like to thank you for your unconditional support. You really change many lives as mine. I always pray that God would shower His blessings upon you. Thank you so much.”