Two nuns standing looking at the camera with a Happy Easter sign between them

Spring update

February, March and early April have been full and busy weeks for all of our programmes around the world. Various supporters made the trip to visit our schools, our children and Sisters took time for reflection in the period of Lent, graduations were held in our vocational training facility in Tanzania, a new Superior General was elected, Easter celebrations were held and many sporting, academic, and cultural achievements recognised. Thanks to our supporters, every child in our care continues to progress in their education, being nurtured as they grow.

group of yuoung women wearing traditional east African print dresses in hall during graduation

Celebrating graduation in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the next group of 97 trainees at our Kiluvya Training Centre graduated from their six month course ready for the world of work. This is an enormous step forward for them as they move on, ready for employment or to start their own businesses finally able to make productive lives for themselves and their families, building a future free of poverty.

At the main Kisarawe Girls’ school, the girls welcomed visitors who helped them to utilise the land at the school and plant trees in the grounds on International Women’s Day on the 8th March. The girls also visited a local sewing company, a potential future employer for any of the girls keen to put their sewing and tailoring training to use in the industry.

The plans for Dodoma Boystown continued to progress well, with the perimeter wall funded and nearly complete and the construction of the first buildings now underway.

Boy on ladder painting
National Arts Month, Minglanilla

Achieving success in the classroom

February and March has seen the new children in Guatemala, Brazil and Honduras settling in and receiving extra tuition to help them catch up. In these countries the children are behind their grades due to the pandemic disruption to primary education. With your support we can provide regular extra teaching and the youngsters are now thriving in their lessons.

In the Philippines and Mexico the children are well into their studies, enjoying every opportunity at school, and ambitious for success in and out of the classroom. The senior boys at Minglanilla Boystown (Philippines), received IT training in Microsoft products, to help them develop the skills needed when they reach the workplace, celebrated National Arts Month by painting murals at the school and the boys in Adlas achieved first runner up in the regional inter senior high school academic competition.


group of girls in sports kit with medals jumping up in the air
Chalco, Mexico - Girls team qualifies for the national competition

... and outside the classroom

Outside of class, the children also excelled in their endeavours.  At the girls’ school in Chalco, Mexico, the handball team qualified for the national competition (pictured right) whilst the hockey, basketball and athletics teams all triumphed in their various competitions at National level.

In the Philippines, the boys and girls were equally competitive with the Talisay girls achieving third place out of 100 in the national Athletic association meet for the year and the Minglanilla boys competing in the Okazaki International Open Karate do Cup 2023, various chess competitions, track and field events and basketball games against other schools in the area.

Nun with two small children smiling
Sister Elena in her community work

A new Superior General

At the end of March, the Sisters of Mary held their General Chapter meeting and elected a new Superior General to lead the education programmes.

Sr Maria Cho who has led the programmes for 12 years steps back from her dedicated years of service and will be replaced by Sr Elena Belarmino. We send Sr Maria our wishes for some much deserved rest and look forward to supporting Sr Elena in her work with the poorest children.

group of girls wearing easter bunny ears and holding small gifts


Celebrations for Easter across all the programmes were filled with joy as every child received a small Easter gift of essential school supplies, toiletries, clothing, shoes, and a small Easter treat.

For the poor children who joined the programmes in January, this was the first time they had experienced receiving a personal gift and thanks to our incredible supporters this was a joyous and emotional day, providing memories which will last the children in their years ahead.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the programmes and helps ensure that every child’s education is complete and uninterrupted, so that they have the best chance at a successful life after school.