Meet the Santa Inés Family, Villa de las Niñas, Tegucigalpa

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About the Santa Inés Family

The Santa Inés Family is a group of 35 girls in Grade 9 at Villa de las Niñas, Tegucigalpa . They are cared for by their Mother-Sister, Sister María Rosa.

Sister María Rosa says that the girls are “very talented, some quieter, others more patient and reserved, and most of them very cheerful. Although they are adolescents and it is a somewhat difficult stage to teach, I like to share with them, listen to them and what we enjoy the most together is sports. They love to play, it is the most effective method I know to keep them healthy, active and in good spirits for study.”


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What your sponsorship will do for the girls in Villa de las Niñas, Honduras

With the help of our donors, the Sisters provide the girls with school supplies, uniform, shoes, and cover basic expenses and medical and dental care.

When the children start school in Grade 7, they receive their school uniform, a bag, three pairs of shoes, a set of colouring pens, some house clothes and sports uniform. They also receive books, board games, and other indoor game materials for use in in their dormitories during leisure time. They have a general check-up to assess their medical and dental health needs. Your sponsorship of a Family will provide these essential items, making sure that each child has the clothing, food, and the books they need for school.


Meet some of the girls of the Santa Inés Family

Profile photo of Keydy in her uniform

Meet Keydy

Keydy came to Villa de las Niñas after the death of her father. She lives with her mother, sister and brother. The family struggled after his death, especially as her father was the breadwinner for the family.

Keydy found new hope when she joined Villa de las Niñas and the Santa Inés Family. Her favourite past-time is reading books , stories about young people that inspire her and leave her with very important reflections on life.

Kedy states that when she leaves Villa de las Niñas, she wants to “continue fighting to be able to help my family. By becoming a member of the military or a professional stylist, I would also like to be able to help the school as a thanks for everything they do for me.”

DAYANA SOESMITH REYES ZELAYA Santa Serafina Family Tegucigalpa Honduras 2022

Meet Dayana

Dayana’s father passed away the same year she entered Villa de las Niñas and she now lives with her mother. Losing her father was a struggle for Dayana and her family. She said she found new joy and hope when she entered Villa de las Niñas in January 2020 and is enjoying life in the Santa Inés Family. Dayana enjoys sports, especially basketball and soccer.

“When I finish my studies at Villa de las Niñas, I want to continue at the university to get a degree in Business Administration.” Dayana dreams of being independent when she leaves school and hopes to help other children like herself by supporting Villa de las Niñas one day.

What your donation will provide

£9 – Helps provide all the clothing, care, health and hygiene essentials for a child for a month

£21 –  Helps provide all the reference books, textbooks, notepads and pens for a child’s education for one month

£26 – Helps provide all the food needed by one child for a month

£84 – Helps provide everything needed to care for one child for a month*


The children of the Santa Inés family need educational materials as well as food for their every day meals. By Sponsoring a Family like the Santa Inés Family, you will be providing children with the essential items needed for their care, clothing, shoes, books, and food, setting the girls up for success in their schooling and giving them hope for the future.

Educational materials

Pens, Notebooks, Textbooks, Bags

Clothing and care

Shoes, school uniforms, sports kit, personal hygiene supplies and medical and dental care


Three balanced meals a day, nutritional supplements

*these costs are based on the average across all our schools

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