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Visiting Day

It was Visiting day in September for our schools in Guatemala, Honduras and Kisarawe girls’ school in Tanzania. It’s such an important time of the year and a chance for all of our children to receive a visit from their parents, siblings, members of their community and sometimes even their pets.

The day is a joy for all and starts early in the morning as the Sisters welcome the thousands of family members who can make the trip. They provide picnics for the families in the school grounds and the children are able to catch up with their families and introduce them to their friends, teachers and the Sisters. It is also a chance for their parents to see how well their children are doing at school. The parents are so thrilled for their boys and girls and take great pride in their achievements, working hard at school.

Two boys doing washing up with a nun with a partially complete structure int he background


21st September saw the inauguration of the pilot building for the new school for boys in Dodoma, Tanzania.

The result of much planning, and fundraising by WVC and hard work by the Sisters, the purpose-built secondary school will provide free secondary education and vocational training, safe shelter, food and full-time care for boys from the poorest families from all over Tanzania.

110 new boys joined the school in August and are now loving their time at school. They have three nutritious meals a day, their own comfortable bed to sleep in at night, the care and attention of the Sisters and regular lessons. They are learning pre-form 1 English and Maths in the morning ready for the new term in January, in the afternoons they play sport and help the Sisters around the school. With the skills they will learn in the care of the Sisters, these boys will see their lives, and those of their loved ones, completely transformed.

At the inauguration to open the first building the Tanzanian Minister of Education, Professor Adolf Mkenda expressed his sincere thanks to the friends and donors and the Sisters “for the services you are giving to Tanzanians, regardless of their religion, for offering an education that would have been impossible for these children to enjoy”.

Girls dressed in medical garb bandage a woman

Other news

The children have continued to work hard and excel in their studies. They are ambitious for success and keen to use their skills in the wider world.

In Talisay (Philippines) two girls won the Bronze award in the Philippine International Math Olympiad. Not to be outdone, our boys in Guadalajara (Mexico) qualified to represent their country and join the VANDA international science competition to be held in Bali in December this year and three girls in Zona 13 (Guatemala) were recognised by the Guatemala Industrial Bank for outstanding performance in their school year.

In Brazil, the young girls at the Brasilia secondary school were able to use their new nursing skills as part of their work experience internships at the public health centre. This vital work experience will really help them to gain the experience needed to find jobs and develop careers when they finish school later this year.

Girls playing basketball

Sport and hobbies

Sports and hobbies are both vital parts of everyday life at the school and the children enjoy a wide range of spare time activities. These pursuits help them learn lots of additional skills and are also essential for their health and wellbeing. September was a busy month for them.

The boys in Guadalajara enjoyed their gardening club activities and were thrilled with their autumn harvest; in Talisay (Philippines) – the basketball team achieved 3rd place in the Basketball competition, and the girls were overall regional champions in the Mind Challenge History quiz; whilst the music club girls in Zona 13 (Guatemala) took first place in the regional Band competition.

In Amarateca (Honduras) the boys had chance to celebrate Honduran Children’s day, a day held to honour the country’s children and a chance for our boys to take time out of their studies to have fun and play games.

It was a full and successful month for all the boys and girls at our schools – thanks to you.