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How your school can support

We want to see a world where no child lives in poverty and every child has an equal opportunity to receive a quality education

You can get involved at any time of the year and help World Villages provide more free school places for the most deprived and poverty stricken children worldwide.

Your school can help by:

  • Raising funds to help provide more free education for children in desperate need
  • Raising awareness of poverty around the world
Where we work
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Children supporting children

Connecting with children around the world, meeting and learning from children from different backgrounds and cultures is so beneficial to the learning and development of children. Understanding how hard won education is for most of the world can instil a deep appreciation and value for the education available in the UK.

Helping to raise funds and awareness for the children in our programmes around the world is vital for our boys and girls, but there is mutual benefit for children in the UK who choose to support World Villages for Children’s educational programmes.

Exposure to different cultures, real learning on different countries, as well as a deeper understanding of the value and importance of education, helps develop a sense of community and compassion in young children. We want children in more developed countries to connect with children around the world whose circumstances may be very different, but who ultimately have similar dreams and aspirations in life.

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Key Days to use for fundraising support

Plan your fundraising around key dates in the year. These are days that have particular meaning in our work and are great ways to bring people  together to tackle poverty and raise awareness and funds to support more children into education and out of poverty.

Girls jogging Philippines

More ideas

  • T-shirt making competition
  • Poster design competition
  • Quizzes
  • Bake sale
  • Creative writing exchange – write a poem or short story to exchange with the children in one of our schools
  • Sponsored Fun Run or Walk
  • School Disco
  • School Fun fairs – enjoying different cultural foods and participating in creative activities/games
  • Students vs Teachers Sports Day
  • School Talent Show or Concert

Subject based support: Choose a project around a favourite subject and get creative! Find out all you can about the countries we work in, make something in an art class that represents the countries we work in or issues we deal with.

Every child deserves the chance to reach her full potential and pursue her wildest dreams - Malala

The difference you make

By supporting World Villages for Children, you will make education possible for another child who otherwise has little or no hope of access to education or a life free from poverty. Your partnership with World Villages for Children could transform a child’s life giving them their best, and only, chance to fulfill their potential and build a life free from the poverty for themselves and their families.

Connect with children around the world

Are you in your first year of secondary school? Would you like to pair with a class of children in one of our programmes, working through your secondary school journey with children just like you, who live in very different and difficult circumstances?

We see our work with schools as partnerships, an opportunity for children, parents, and teachers based in the UK to learn more about how education can fight poverty around the world and ensure more children have a chance to live independent, sustainable lives free from poverty.

Fundraising success stories

Success Story - Children supporting children

Highgate Junior School - Sponsored Walk

On the 11 October 2023, Highgate Junior School pupils in London took part in their Step for Change Sponsored Walk and nominated World Villages as one of their chosen charities to raise funds for.

Through the kind generosity of parents, grandparents, friends, and staff, the pupils at Highgate Junior School raised money to support our programmes, especially our new programme in Tanzania – Dodoma Boys’ School. The funds raised will help provide food, safe shelter, care, and quality academic and vocational education to children in need.

We are so impressed with the effort the children made! Their compassion and care for others is an inspiration! We love seeing children supporting children, using the resources and creativity they have at their disposal.

We are so grateful for the support and kindness of the whole community at Highgate Junior School!

Thank you!

Highgate Junior School's success story

If you would like to partner with us, please get in touch!

Please contact Carey on cevans@worldvillages.org.uk or call us on 0207 629 3050

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