Girls in class sitting at desks waving at the camera

We currently have 2,623 girls in our care at school in Talisay, Cebu

The girls study a full academic curriculum alongside arts, sports and technical skills. The girls at our school are safe, well cared for and enjoy their childhood free from the concerns of poverty.

Alongside their academic subjects the girls receive technical training accredited by TESDA in computer system servicing, technical drawing, bread and pastry making, tailoring, dressmaking and bookkeeping and, as with our other Philippine schools, the girls enjoy a period of on the job training with local employers to prepare for work. All this gives them the best chance of employment when they finish school.

Like the other SoM schools , the Talisay school remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and adapted to the new online teaching routines required to keep the children learning. The children were kept safe, healthy and well with the support of our good friends and donors.

Three girls doing arts and crafts

The girls at school are grateful for their chance and very motivated students

They absorb everything that they can learn, committed and ready to find work when they finish school so they can help their families onto a better future.

They love their time at school. They form lifelong friendships and make the most of the learning opportunity by competing in a variety of challenges and competitions both inside and outside of their school group. They achieve significant successes as with Niva who recently received the Bronze award in the 2021 International Maths Olympiad or Roselyn who in 2019 achieved an academic award for excellence in Electronics at the World Skills Competition.

Now graduated into work she says of her time at school “I am grateful to the bottom of my soul for being part of this living miracle”.



Girls in our care at school in 2023


Girls graduated in 2022


New girls welcomed in 2023