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Graziela’s Story

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Graziela smiling at the camera

The Biga school for girls is one of our four schools in the Philippines where we provide a safe and joyful learning environment for 2722 girls

Like the boys in Adlas, our girls in Biga receive three nutritious meals a day, full-time care and medical and health support. They sleep safely in their own bed at night in dormitories with new friends around them and can enjoy the comforts of a proper childhood. In Biga, we also fund a small medical clinic to support the healthcare needs of our girls and boys in Cavite, and to help the poorest in the nearby community.

The girls enjoy a full programme of sports and the school facilities include a gymnasium and basketball courts.

Girls working on atechnical drafting programme on a PC

Quality education and TESDA registered vocational training

Their full-time studies cover a range of academic subjects with particular emphasis on STEM subjects in line with the Philippine education syllabus. Their technical studies include computer system servicing, computer programming, graphic design, nursing, dressmaking, cooking and bookkeeping and our graduates secure work with local employers including Hitachi, Panasonic, Regan Industrial and Orbis Precision.

In 2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic, classes continued as normal, migrating online where necessary. Exams were held on time and 416 girls graduated into work as planned.  Their time at school sets them up for a variety of careers. Many become bookkeepers, accountants or auditors, teachers, computer scientists, doctors and dentists. Thanks to the kindness of our supporters and the dedication of the Sisters these girls have confidence, self-respect and hope for a bright future.

Our girls in Biga learning to bake


Students at school


girls graduated into work in 2022


new girls welcomed in 2023