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Boys in sports kit lining up to play basketball

We provide life-changing education programmes to 1,673 boys at the Adlas Boystown school, with the capacity to care for over 2,000 children

The fully-equipped school in Adlas ensures the most deprived boys who come to us receive full-time care, regular meals, medical and health support and the comfort of their own bed at night.

At school, they have access to a variety of facilities for hobbies, sports and the opportunity to play, including basketball and football courts to maintain their health and fitness, improve mental wellbeing and build their confidence and independence.

These children come to us as malnourished, vulnerable young boys and with your kindness they grow strong and thrive in their time at school.

Graduates sitting and standing in front of the Meraki-Tech sign
Our graduate Jony with his staff of our graduates at Meraki-Tech

Academic and vocational education quality is vital

The boys’ full-time studies cover a range of academic subjects with particular emphasis on science and maths. They also have access to mechanical and automotive workshops, and a variety of other workshops and facilities to learn vocational skills which help them secure jobs locally after graduating.

Their technical studies include computer system design and maintenance, electric car maintenance, tailoring, bread and pastry making and other skills which will equip them for future jobs with a variety of employers. Graduates have gone to work for large companies including Toyota, Honda and Stahl. Many employer organisations are owned outright by graduates of the school and new graduates represent over 50% of many of these workforces.



Full time teachers delivering their educational needs


Boys in school in 2021


Boys graduated into work in 2021