In late 2017, the Sisters of Mary accepted the invitation of the authorities in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to begin a new education programme in the country.

Poverty in Tanzania is severe and particularly impacts children, who suffer from chronic malnutrition which affects their physical and mental development. Some progress has been made in the country to reduce poverty but the high population growth rate and lack of access to education (particularly vocational) means that the number of poor is not declining.

The Sisters began their work in the communities of the country in 2018. They are seeing terrible situations of poverty and deprivation amongst the youngest and most vulnerable. Without education, children, particularly girls, have little hope. Empowering these children to transform their lives through education remains an objective for the country and our charitable mission.

In 2019 we are delighted to support the opening of a new Sisters of Mary school for girls. Phase 1 of the school opened in May and welcomed 150 young girls. These young girls are now well cared for, have access to good nutrition and healthcare and are studying a full curriculum of subjects including English, Swahili, geography, history, biology, chemistry, physics, civics, agriculture and PE.They receive vocational training in skills needed by local industries including dressmaking, bookkeeping and computing. They are thriving at school and in time they can use their new skills to get work and become independent, self-sufficient and empowered young women. 

With the support of our donors, in December 2020, an inauguration ceremony took place to officially open a second school building to support increased student capacity.

As of 2021 we have 470 girls in education at the school with plans to enrol a further 150 per year until we reach a capacity of 900.

There has been significant interest and demand for the establishment of a Boystown. The Sisters have been offered some land in the capital city, Dodoma, and they are now planning to build a new school there which they hope will open in 2023.

Read about our plans for a new Training and Day-care Centre for Tanzania which hopes to open in 2022.

Our newest Girlstown

Quick Facts

Plot 555 - Block F - Makurunge
Kisarawe District
PO Box 30184
Kibaha Pwani Region

Capacity: 900

Opened: 22nd August, 2019