Our Programmes in Guatemala

The Sisters of Mary officially started operations in Guatemala in 1997.

In 1996, His Excellency Most Reverend Prospero Penados, Archbishop of Guatemala City, and Guatemalan President, Alvaro Arzu, invited the Sisters of Mary to establish a charity programme similar to the one they had heard about in Mexico.

In 1997, the Sisters opened a medical and dental clinic in Guatemala City, Zona 13. The facilities are equipped with X-ray machines and laboratory apparatus in order to serve those with no means to seek medical care elsewhere. Consultation, laboratory tests, and medication is given totally free of charge, though most patients contribute a small, symbolic fee.

On the same site, in 1998, the Sisters accepted the first group of students -- boys and girls -- at the newly constructed Children's Village. Two years later, the boys were transferred to a new Boystown site in Zona 6.

Thanks to the recent expansion of our Boystown, it can now accommodate around 1,100 young boys, with 1,125 attending as of 2021.

Guatemala City Zona 6 Facility Overview:

  • 1 three story building with classrooms and dormitories for boys
  • 1 two-story building with indoor gymnasium and workshop for vocational training
  • 1 automechanics workshop
  • 1 four-story building for an intensive high school
  • 1 library, electronics workshop and auditorium building
  • 2 football courts
  • 1 sewage treatment plant
Quick Facts

Villa de los Niños, Guatemala City
16 Av. Final 22-99, Zona 6
Los Cipresales. 01006 Guatemala, C. A.

Capacity: 1,100 students

Opened in 1998


Regular classes include computer, English, litterature, social studies, maths, chemistry, physics, biology, arts, music, Christian living, and physical education (PE). PE is particularly important to our students and choices include include football, basketball, handball, track and field, beach volleyball and marching band.

In addition to these classes, high school students also study philosophy, ethics and accounting.

In their last two years of study, our students choose one of three professional training specialisms - welding and electricty, auto mechanic, and computer science. This vocational training ensures that our boys can secure employment immediately after graduation.

Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:45pm. Additional technical training is provided to our high school students on weekends, such as computer hardware servicing.