The Difference Your Donation Makes

World Villages for Children has a close relationship with the local communities in each of the countries where it operates. Working in line with the UN policy of Sustainable Development Goals  and the principles of economic development from DFID (The Department for International Development), the Sisters of Mary programmes focus on the objectives of reducing child poverty, improving health, educational attainment and progress into employment and our work facilitates grass roots change in poverty levels within the local communities.

Case study examples from our graduates demonstrates the impact of your donation when the enhanced employment and earning prospects of our children results directly in their ability to care for their families and improve the circumstances of their siblings and immediate family within the local community. Our children will invest in healthcare and education access for very many of their siblings and sometimes through several generations of those children. The humanitarian impact of your donation is thus multiplied many times over.

In the Philippines, Guatemala, South Korea and Brazil, the Sisters of Mary also operate medical clinics and hospitals where they care for sick people and children who are too poor to have access to urgently needed medical care.

To see the update on our work at the projects in 2018 download and review our detailed full Trustee report & Accounts for 2019.


A long-term study in partnership with the Sisters of Mary alumni associations.

Measuring Our Impact

In 2019 we initiated a Theory of Change exercise and workshops were run within the charity, with the Sisters of Mary programmes in the Philippines and with our sister charities in Europe and the US. This exercise will help model and evaluate our activities and review future strategy. The investment will culminate in the production of an impact measurement framework to help us move from our current focus on the output and outcomes of the Sisters to Mary’s work, to the long-term and wide-ranging impact created by our joint activities on ending poverty for the most marginalised children and communities in the world.

As an illustration of the practical impact of  our donors' support we are delighted to share the attached video with you of Sister Zeny  with some of our children at our projects in Guatemala.