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Financial Accounting

How Your Donation is Spent

To see how your money was spent, our most recent report and accounts can be downloaded here. 

Essential Costs

Like most charities, World Villages for Children must incur essential costs if we are to ensure careful, compliant stewardship of donor income and provide a well-managed service in support of our beneficiaries. We reinvest regularly in fundraising to keep funds coming in for our overseas work and we are able to achieve considerable operating efficiencies by maintaining only a very small team of full time staff in the UK (now 6). This keeps essential administration costs low and by utilising the support of a network of dedicated partners we are able to maximise the value of the donations received from our supporters, like you. 

Guiding Principles

At World Villages for Children, we thrive on basic principles of transparency, impact, and sustainability.

Transparency: As an organisation, we work very hard to use your money in the most efficient way and to focus on those in greatest need. When you donate to World Villages for Children, the money goes to the Sisters of Mary programmes to maintain support to the children in school and to fund new places for those who need it the most.

To see how your money was spent, please see above.

When the Sisters of Mary utilise your funds they report back to us in detail on the expenditure. We monitor this activity both from the UK and on site at their programmes. Our auditors (Crowe) scrutinise these reports and the entire grant distribution process to ensure accuracy and compliance with sector standards.

Impact: The Sisters of Mary programmes break the poverty cycle for children and transform entire communities.  To date, more than 150,000 children have graduated from our programmes and had the opportunity to realize a brighter future. These children have gone on to support their own families with access to better healthcare and education, multiplying the effectiveness of our mission and the impact of your donation many times over. 

Sustainability: The Sisters of Mary programmes provide enduring change in poverty levels for communities, and ultimately within every one of the societies where we operate our programmes today. Our graduates help us to sustain our work with their commitment to 'pay it forward'. They further the mission of the Sisters of Mary by giving a helping hand to the Sisters and assisting with the younger children who've come after them; some return to teach or fulfill other jobs for the schools; a few others even find their vocation. However very many of them lift their entire families out of poverty by paying for their siblings to attend school, gain skills and qualifications and find paid employment.

The result is a lasting change that profoundly and effectively transforms many more lives than those who have experienced our programmes firsthand.

Children at School

The Sisters of Mary programmes provide full-time care and education to children living in poverty in Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Tanzania, Guatemala and the Philippines. The children in these schools are cared for by the congregation of the Sisters of Mary and receive education and vocational training from highly qualified and dedicated teachers as well as moral and social guidance which helps them to prepare for an independent and self-sufficient life. With the support of our UK donors, World Villages for Children provides the funding to support these places for children in need at the Sisters of Mary schools. With the opportunity of a place at school these children are able to learn skills, secure employment and go on to become productive members of society able to help themselves and their families to a better life, making a vital impact on overall levels of local poverty.

None of the young beneficiaries supported by your donations to World Villages for Children are cared for in the UK. However, as an organisation working in the field of humanitarian support, the Sisters of Mary programmes adopt the same exemplary standards of care and the protection of the children in their schools as would be considered appropriate in the UK and throughout Europe. These children within the programmes are our mission and our priority. They have a difficult start in life, some have come from family environments where abusive relationships exist and it is the obligation of the Sisters of Mary programmes to ensure that once they are in the care of the Sisters all these children are provided with a place of safety where they can be nurtured and educated so that they can learn the skills they need to go on to a future which is productive and free from poverty. The Sisters of Mary programmes provide full transparency to World Villages for Children in their processes and policies and this includes details on compliance with child protection standards. For more detail on the Sisters of Mary's child protection processes please click here.


As a donor to World Villages for Children, you support the Sisters of Mary in their work educating and caring for children living in poverty around the world. With your help the Sisters have so far educated over 150,000 children in fourteen schools in six countries. Transforming the lives of these children living in poverty and creating new lives for them free from hunger.

Your regular donations pay for all the costs associated with our programmes in Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras and the Philippines including food and school accommodation, equipment, teaching salaries, books and stationery supplies, uniforms, shoes, medical care and all the other ancillary costs involved in caring for 20,000 energetic youngsters each school year, see here for 2020's figures.  Your support helps us to improve the health of these children and to provide an academic and vocational education tailored to local industries and businesses. Our children learn practical skills in subjects including electronics, bookkeeping, carpentry, car mechanics, technical drawing, computing and dressmaking/tailoring. They achieve accreditation in these and many other subjects and progress into paid employment with many attaining longterm careers as doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, accountants and auditors. In turn they are then able to support their own families and communities with access to better healthcare and opportunities for education. To see the detail of the programmes in each country, visit this page.

To see an update of our activities in each country download our latest newsletter here.

Cyber Security 

World Villages for Children is a certified member of the Cyber Essentials scheme. Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, Government backed scheme that helps to protect against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks. Our accreditation is part of our commitment to keeping your data secure when you entrust it with us. 


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