In late 2017, the Sisters of Mary accepted the invitation of the authorities in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to investigate the possibility of a new programme in the country. Poverty in Tanzania remains severe and children in particular suffer from chronic manlnutrition, affecting their physical and mental development. Some progress has been made in the country to reduce poverty but the high population growth rate and inadequate education (particularly vocational) still means that the number of poor is not declining. Empowering the population to transform their future by education and employment support remains an objective.

In early 2018 the Sisters of Mary visited Tanzania to begin the evaluation of the country as a potential site for a new Sisters of Mary programme. With considerable support from the local chamber of commerce, education ministry and parish authorities, the Sisters have now completed their research and commenced the legal processes for establishing a new programme in this country. They have recently been granted 25 hectares of land upon which to build a new school for girls in in the Kisarawi District of Dar es Salaam and with the fundraising support of our dedicated donors we hope to see a completion date for this project in early 2020.