South Korea

Current and former programmes

2017 saw a review of the programmes in Seoul. State provision for abandoned children and those living in poverty has shown considerable improvement over the last few years in this city and the needs of our vulnerable beneficiaries can now be met by the local authorities. Therefore in 2019 the Sisters of Mary suspeneded it's operation in Seoul after a managed withdrawl. Valuable resources deployed in Seoul will be utilised more effectively in the programmes in Busan and in the expansion of the programmes to other countries where the need of children is very great.

In Busan, the Sisters of Mary still provide schools for boys and girls and additional care for members of the community who are vulnerable and in need. Live-in villages in Seoul were for abandoned and orphaned children, they provided caring homes for the children who mostly attend school outside of the programmes.  In addition, the Sisters of Mary provided help to the poor and the needy within the local community via the provision of hospitals and rehabilitation centres.