More than five million children in Mexico are living in extreme poverty and in situations of great difficulty and danger. Uneven distribution of the wealth in the country has caused social stratification and the improvement in economic conditions has been felt only by those who are most well off.

The particular drivers for the poverty amongst children are lack of education and employment opportunities amongst parents and family and where education is provided for young children it is poor quality and fraught with instances of drugs and violence. In 2017, the Sisters of Mary programmes operated and maintained schools in Guadalajara (Boys) & Chalco (Girls) to address the urgent need for care and vocational education to help children towards employment and freedom from these lives of poverty.

The funds donated by our supporters provided live-in technical, middle and high school education to 5,215 children from families in extreme poverty, whose ages range from 12 to 18, (3235 girls in Chalco and 1980 boys in Guadalajara) and day care for 116 toddlers. During 2017, the children in the care of the Sisters of Mary studied the full range of academic subjects as well as specialized training in IT, computer engineering, accounting, electronics, culinary arts and horticulture - all skills sought after by local employers.