Group of people in Tanzania
Meeting children in need of our care, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, October 2022

Sisters at work in the community

October was a very busy month for the Sisters out in the communities of Brazil, Guatemala and Tanzania.

The impoverished regions of these countries have been deeply impacted by the effect of the pandemic on top of their existing challenges and the poorest families who relied on menial work to support themselves have been devastated by the loss of this employment. Lockdowns caused organisations to close and economies to contract and these changes have not been reversed. Without work families cannot feed themselves and children are neglected. More and more children are in need of a place at our schools.

During October, the Sisters visited hundreds of regions and met thousands of children in need. They travelled thousands of miles to the most remote and sometimes dangerous areas of these countries to meet with the most vulnerable children. With your support we will be able to welcome some of these youngsters into places at our schools this January 2023 and help them create a better, poverty free life, for themselves and their families.

Student wearing a mask holding a medal and a certificate

Student achievements at school

When the children come into our care they are able to thrive. They are eager to learn and make the most of their time at school. We hope that you are proud to see the energy and ambition of the children – none of which would be possible without you!

October saw great success from all our boys and girls at school around the world as they study hard and strive to learn everything they can in their time at school.

In their specialist technical courses the boys and girls pitched themselves against the country’s best students and competed in the Philippine vocational education authority course competitions (TESDA). The girls participated in Fashion Technology, Web Design, Information and Network and cabling and the boys became champions in Mechatronics Servicing and CNC Milling and took second place in mechanical engineering and Visual Graphics Design – what an achievement!

In the Philippines, the boys at Adlas Boystown challenged their thinking in the Astro Quiz Bowl 2022 – a national quiz held through zoom and the team of three boys from Adlas were thrilled to come second!

Boys competing in Astro Quiz, Philippines
Our school boys taking second place in the Astro Quiz, Philippines
Poster for competition
Astro Quiz Bowl Competition
Boy holding a certificate
Elias, our 8th grade student, receiving his Math Olympiad certificate

School activities

Elias, one of our youngest 8th grade students in the Amarateca boystown in Honduras is now building up his confidence at school thanks to you and was keen to test his skills against his peer group. In October he was thrilled to come first in the regional Math Olympiad and to be asked to represent the region Francisco Morazan in the National competition.

All the children at the schools also did well in their sports activities in October. Sports is essential for all our children to maintain their physical and mental health and in October our children excelled in a variety of competitions including football, handball, table tennis, badminton and hockey.

In Amarateca, the boys achieved first place in the Chelato Ucles football Tournament. They will go on to represent Tegucigalpa city in a match against San Pedro Sula in Honduras. The girls from our Tegucigalpa school were also successful in the tournament, taking first prize in the women’s football competition. The Guatemala boys in Zona 6 took the championship in Handball and the Zona 13 girls in Guatemala were thrilled to join the National schools championship and qualify for the final.

Group of football players
Football players from our school in Amarateca celebrating their victory
Girls in Guatemala with trophy
Zona 13 Girlstown girls celebrate their qualification for the National Hockey finals