The Sisters of Mary run five day care centres for ages 3-5.

In Mexico (Chalco), Guatemala (Zona 13) Brazil (Brasilia and Sao Paulo) and Tanzania (Kiluvya) a total of 527 of the most deprived youngsters are cared for in nursery facilities. Whilst their young mothers go out to work, the children are safely nurtured. They have three nutritious meals each day and enjoy playing, making new friends and early learning activities.

Each nursery place is funded by the support of our generous donors and, as is the case for the secondary schools, demand for these places is at an unprecedented level as young mothers struggle to care for their children and work to support their families.

The newest nursery is in Tanzania and took in 90 new boys and girls in January 2022. They will accept another 90 children next January.

The nursery care helps to ensure that the most vulnerable youngsters in these poor communities receive proper care and the stimulation they need for a good start in life.