The first children arrive at the new school in Tanzania

This week, the first children are arriving at the new Sisters of Mary school in Tanzania.

With the support and generosity of our donors, the contruction of the new school in Tanzania has progressed steadily over the last few months. The Sisters have been travelling through the communities of Tanzania meeting children desperately in need of their care. They have found situations of terrible poverty and many thousands of vulnerable young girls living in deprivation with no access to shelter, education or hope of a better life.

This week, thanks to you, we are able to fund school places for the first 150 of these young girls.  At school these vulnerable children will have a place of safety. They will have three meals a day and an education which will help them to learn new skills, live well and be free to develop their full potential.

Sister Elena reports from Tanzania - Thursday 2 May 2019

'By the grace of God, we have received 106 girls as of today and hopefully all the 150 will be completed on Sunday. 

The girls are so happy to come and when they were given their personal things, you cannot imagine the joy that they have, for the first time in their lives. They even embraced their mattresses and beds because they never had one in their home! They are excited to learn some English songs, etc. They are a blessing indeed!. 

Please help us pray that we can transfer to our new school as soon as possible'.

You can support the Sisters in this vital relief work with vulnerable young girls in Tanzania by donating here.

We look forward to sharing the updates from this new programme over the coming weeks.