On 22nd August 2019, World Villages for Children and the Sisters of Mary were delighted to celebrate the official opening of their first programme in East Africa.

The new school for girls in Kisarawe, Pwani Region, Tanzania offers school places to 153 of the most impoverished girls in this country. Children at the school come from throughout Tanzania, from situations of extreme poverty, where they are hungry, neglected and have no access to adequate nutrition, healthcare, water, sanitation or education.

As well as being far distant, state schooling in Tanzania is poor quality. If a child is able to make it to a school the classes are overflowing, with over 100 children per class, only four textbooks per class and sometimes three children to a chair. 40% of children in Tanzania are out of education. Without education they have no chance to learn skills and help themselves and those that they love onto a better life.

At the new Sisters of Mary school, the young girls will have the chance to learn a full curriculum of academic subjects towards achieving their Ordinary and Advanced level qualifications including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and technical skills which will be relevant to the needs of local employers. The children will have regular nutritious meals and full time care - they will have the chance to thrive. To learn hobbies and skills which will give them confidence as they grow, empower them to make decisions for themselves and live productive, independent lives.

The new school, which is funded by the compassion and kindness of our generous donors is well supported by the Church Authorities in Tanzania, the District Commissioner of Kisarawe and Ministry of Education in Tanzania all of whom are blessed by your kindness towards their Tanzanian children. The inauguraion was attended by HE Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, District Commissioner Ms Jokate Mwegelo, Dr Ave Maria Semakafu (Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education), His Excellency Tae-ick Cho, Ambassador of South Korea in Tanzania, the school inspectors, previous Speaker of the Tanzanian Parliament, neighbours and friends.

A thousand mile journey begins with a single step

We were honoured to have District Commissioner of Kisarawe, Ms Jokate Mwegelo to address the inauguration ceremony of our newest Girlstown on 22nd August and the first Sisters of Mary programme in Africa.

The District Commissioner offered gratitude to the Church's Leadership, and to the Sisters of Mary for bringing the School project to Kisarawe District. The School is the first of its kind in Tanzania and she mentioned that the people of Kisarawe considered themselves fortunate to have the School built in their District.

She went on to address the new girls in the school and called on them to value their place at school and their chance to study at the school. She urged them to make the best of their opportunity by studying really hard and by successfully reaching their lives' big dreams.  This should be the first step for the girls to reach their big dream and they should draw on the examples of phenomenal women in Tanzania who have managed to break the glass ceiling by achieving high level posts in Government and in corporate life.  

 She went on to promise to continue cooperation with the school in any situations where the Government can help including speaking with TARURA on the possibility of improving the roadway that leads to the School and to work on resolving Network problems for Communications and Water that currently hamper the school.

We would like to thank District Commissioner Mwegelo for her co-operation during the construction of the school without whom the success of the project may have been much harder to achieve.

Sister Maria Cho and Ms Jokate Mwegelo

Sister Maria Cho, Sisters of Mary and Ms Jokate Mwegelo, District Commissioner for Kisarawe