Issue 2, News from the Children is now available to download

In our latest newsletter, Issue 2, which is now available to download here you will see how your fantastic support has helped us to open our brand new school for boys in Honduras! What an achievement this is and we have now been able to welcome 250 new boys in need of our care into the school. They will have the chance of regular meals, a safe place to learn and in time will transform their lives and become self-sufficient, independent adults.

You will also be able to read an interview with Maurico Solis who helped us to design some of our schools and who has been a long time supporter of the Sisters - working alongside us in the construction of the girls school in Honduras and most recently on the new building IV for the boys school in Guatemala. His interview will share insights on the challenge of constructing the schools with minimum resources, using your donations most effectively in the most impoverished areas in the world and how much the children are benefiting from this work.

We also have exciting news regarding the election of Sister Maria Cho as Superior General of the Sisters of Mary. As a result of the General Chapter meetings of the Sisters held on 31 March, Sister Michaela will be replaced by Sister Maria Cho who will lead the mission whilst Sister Michaela continues her work as a Sister of Mary based in Korea. You will notice this change in our progress updates later this year.

I do hope you enjoy reading this latest edition of our Newsletter. If you have any questions on our work or just want to let us know your thoughts please contact the supporter care team on 0207 629 3050 or email