We think you will be very proud of our senior girls from our Girlstown in Chalco (Villa de los Ninos) who took part in the Nivea 2017 “Young Business Talent” competition that aims to promote business talent and entrepreneurship amongst secondary school students in the region. The competition encourages senior school children to maximize their individual career opportunities and shape a better future for themselves.

The dedicated and talented girls from our school who put forward two teams were shortlisted into the top 75, with one of our teams beating all 300 other teams (including older teams competing from local universities) to earn first place and the chance to compete in the international final in Germany in September.

What a wonderful achievement! This success will help our girls to get even better jobs when they graduate and its all thanks to your support - we couldnt do our work without you!

We really hope you enjoy the photos of the winning team 'Sunlight' holding the giant cheques that represent the amount of money their company made in the business simulation. If you have any questions about the competition or would like further details about any of the individual programmes please call 0207 629 3050 or email enquiries@worldvillages.org.uk

Nivea contest winners

Nivea contest winners from our Girlstown

A video of our teams being shortlisted among others in the Nivea Young Business Talent competition