June Update: Coronvirus pandemic impacts on food supply

The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on all communities around the world and for our schools worldwide, the Sisters, students and graduates have been working hard to keep each other safe and looked after during this trying time.  

Due to the current situation some of the foodstuffs the Sisters would purchase for the children are no longer available. Prices for fruit, vegetables, meat and canned goods can be double the price they once were, which means the schools are having to carefully budget to ensure the boys & girls are fed three nutritious meals daily. 

These tough times have shown the generosity, kindness and good-hearted nature of people. At our Boystown in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Sisters have devoted more time to supervise and help in food preparation; graduates have taken charge of preparing food; and culinary students are taking turns to help in the kitchen, as well as in the bakery.  The local community in Guadalajara clubbed together and donated some sweet treats for the students. This came as a real boost to the children in times like this and as Sister Luiza commented: “It gave great joy to see the students so happy to experience the generosity of people who are themselves in a bad economic situation.” 

It’s not just the students developing skills in the kitchen, Sister Luiza is ever positive in seeing a silver lining to her additional duties: “Before I had this responsibility, I did not cook for many people, now I have learned to cook for 2,000 students and knowing that I am helping them grow every day with God’s help makes me very happy.”  

With 20,000 children in our care worldwide we need to ensure funding for 60,000 meals per day to keep our children well nourished, healthy and safe. Please donate today