With the support of our donors we now have over seven hundred girls at our school in Tegucigalpa. The girls work hard to make the most of their time at school and to learn skills and improve themselves so that when they leave school they can get good jobs which will help to lift themselves and their families out of their lives of poverty.

During their time at school the children love to challenge themselves against other schools and colleges and so we are really proud and delighted to report that our girls in Tegucigalpa have won first place in the recent inter-schools competition held at The San Miguel Salesian Institute. In this prestigious annual competition they achieved a whopping 58 medals in total; 44 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze as well as 5 trophies and The Mathematical Cup! The girls basketball and soccer teams also won first place!

What an achievement! Congratulations to them for their hard work and our thanks to all our supporters for making this possible.

All the medals & trophies earned by our fantastic students!