This International day of the Girl we celebrate all of our students in our Girlstowns across the world.

World Villages for Children is dedicated to supporting the Sisters of Mary in educating girls so that they can lift themselves out of lives of poverty. With the skills they learn from the Sisters of Mary schools they can secure jobs and careers, realise their potential and have good productive lives making a positive influence on the world.

Girls like Eva; Eva is the youngest of eight children living in the slums of Honduras. Her father is a construction worker but work is unreliable and the family struggle to survive. Living in poverty, life is harsh for the them all. Instead of attending school many of the children are working long hours to earn enough to support themselves and even this is not enough and they were devastated when one of the children sadly passed away.

In 2013, The Sisters of Mary met Eva and, with the generosity of our donors, they were able to offer her a place at school in Tegucigalpa. Eva started school in January 2014.

Since entering school Eva has studied hard and is excelling in her subjects, achieving an average mark of 99%! In June 2018, she was awarded the Gold Award for Academic Excellence by President Juan Orlando Hernández which is only awarded to 12 students in the whole country. In July 2018 she was selected to be a part of a Math Olympiad team to represent the school at a local competition against 200 other high school students. Winning these heats, Eva not only managed to qualify for the National Math and Physics Olympiad, she has now won it and next week (20th – 24th October) she will be one of four students to represent Honduras at the Ibero-American Physics Competition to be held in Porto Rico. What a star!

When Eva first started school she wanted to become a teacher. Now aged 17, and having received the chance to study and develop skills for Mathematics and Physics, her goals have changed. Now her ambition is to study to become an Electrical Engineer.  In her own words she says 'during the first 7 years of  my life, our family had no electricity, so I would like to help innovate or improve the production of electricity in my Country, so that it can reach every corner of Honduras, or participate in scientific and experimental research activities that benefit to the most needy communities.'

We know Eva will excel in all that she does and with the help of our donors we will support Eva and other girls like her in achieving their dreams. At World Villages for Children we believe that every child should live a good productive life, free from poverty and have the chance to realise their full potential.

Update: As of 2019 Eva has been given a full scholarship to Zamorano University, one of the top agricultural universities in Latin America. Eva now hopes to be able to help relieve starvation accross Honduras. She has done so well there that the university will be visiting The Sisters of Mary schools in order to find even more fantastic students like Eva!

Eva at school