World Villages for Children graduates are helping to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil

As it has been widely reported in the media, Brazil has had some of largest numbers of virus cases in the world. Thankfully, our students enrolled in both of our schools programmes in Brasilia and Sao Paulo, are healthy and virus-free. They are being well looked after by the Sisters who have remained with the students throughout the crisis and to ensure that the children can continue with their education.

For many years, the Sisters of Mary programme in Brasilia has delivered a highly successful Nursing course. To date there have been 228 graduates, with 59 currently studying the course. The children have to be at least 17 years-old to join the course ready for work placements in hospitals and clinics which require students to be 18 years-old.

During the course students learn a variety of subjects, including:

  • Organisation of the health work process
  • First aid
  • Health ethics and bioethics
  • Technical fundamentals of nursing
  • Health of women, children and adolescents
  • Clinical nursing
  • Surgical nursing
  • Mental health and psychiatric nursing
  • Nursing in urgent and emergency situations.

The course consists of practical and theoretical learning in the school laboratory, before on-the-job training in local hospitals where they assist doctors and nurses.

The course helps the students to be ready for a variety of nursing roles and many students go on to enjoy successful careers in nursing after completing this course.

Meet some of the graduates from Brasilia, and how they are helping to save lives on the front-line battling COVID-19.


Manira works in a hospital in Sao Paulo as a Nursing Technician. She loved her time at school, acquiring the skills she needed for her vocation and she loves her job as a nurse helping others. Now that she is earning a salary she can also help her impoverished family, she is keeping them fed and safe.


Karoene is working in a Field Hospital for COVID-19. Her job has its risks battling against the coronavirus, but she believes that as a nurse she has to do her best to save lives. Karoene is very grateful for her education, as it has taught her the values of being a good citizen.


Daiane graduated from the Sisters of Mary school in 2015. She is now working as a Nursing Technician in a hospital whilst studying Nursing in College. Daiane also has a part-time job in the city to help support her parents, who are farmers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Daiane and her team have been working hard to raise awareness of the virus and the risks of infection.

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