Easter is a very special time of year around the world and especially so for the 20,000+ children that we care for and educate. 

Each year as we celebrate Easter and the end of Lent, we try to ensure that our children are able to enjoy a special Easter treat, an 'Easter Basket of  Love'. Each Easter basket contains a small sweet treat as well as some art supplies, fruit and the multivitamins the children need to overcome the enduring effects of malnutrition from their early lives of poverty.

The Easter celebrations are a chance for the children to reflect, rejoice and to build confidence for the months ahead at school. We need to raise £200,000 for all the children in the care of the Sisters each Easter.

The Sisters need plenty of time to prepare baskets for over 20,000 children. They will spend their evenings leading up to Easter making up each basket. They do this work gladly as they know the pure joy that it brings to the children. When the children receive the baskets complete with gift tags from our donors they will be overwhelmed with the kindness and compassion of those friends who have cared enough to touch their lives with such generosity. The spirit of these gifts will sustain the children throughout the months at school.

Will you please consider making a donation towards our Easter appeal? 

We couldnt do this work without your support. Thank you for the impact you are making on poverty relief worldwide.