Coronavirus programme update—July 2020

We are pleased to report that our girls and boys around the world are all still doing well and continue to be virus-free.

The students are now back at our girls’ school in Tanzania having spent the last two months at home with their families. The race is now on to get them studying hard to make up for lost time so they are fully prepared to take their National Exams in November.

Elsewhere, the children who are quarantined within the schools, have all keeping busy with their studies or helping out with the cooking and cleaning.

Making tortillas in Amarateca, Honduras

Making tortillas in Amarateca, Honduras

Latin America

The increasing rates of infection in Latin America has caused us concern, but fortunately the children are healthy and enjoying their school life. At the school in Amarateca, Honduras, for instance the boys have been taking part in a wide range of fun indoor and outdoor activities to keep their spirits up.

Life at our school in Guadalajara, Mexico, is as normal as possible despite the significant challenges of getting regular deliveries of food and other supplies.  

A few members of the kitchen team volunteered to live in the school during the pandemic to help keep the meals being prepared for the 700 boys. Culinary students have also been putting their skills to good use by helping out in the bakery and tortillería.

Some essential cleaning supplies have been hard to come by so our girls in Chalco, Mexico, were over the moon to receive some donations of hair products from L’Oreal as you can see from the smiling faces in the photograph.

A key challenge before coronavirus for our middle school girls at Zona 13, Guatemala, was filling their knowledge gaps in numeracy and Spanish. This was due to the poor primary education they had received in their local areas.

Since the crisis, this challenge has been overcome by the senior girls at the High School helping the younger pupils by teaching them. The teachers, who are still in their homes, are also sending in materials, study guides for individual and group work, and their weekly lesson planning, by email.

In our girls’ school in Brasilia there have been many challenges in trying to maintain the education programme but video conferencing has enabled lessons to be delivered regularly and the Sisters have also been supporting some of the practical classes such as computing and dressmaking.

The girls were also thrilled to be treated to a barbeque!

Barbeque, Brasilia, Brazil

Barbeque, Brasilia, Brazil

The Philippines

The lockdown conditions in the Philippines have been much stricter to anything that we’ve experienced in the UK. This has meant that getting hold of food and other essential school supplies has been a significant challenge for the Sisters. Recent graduates from the girls’ school in Talisay came to their rescue by either making their own food donations or sourcing essential items from local suppliers.

The latest information we’ve had from the Sisters in the Philippines has been reassuring about the children’s studies. Although the majority of the teaching staff have remained in their homes, they have been able to teach remotely so the students haven’t fallen behind with their studies in time for their end of year examinations.