From Chalco, Mexico

Much to our relief, the recent earthquakes that rattled Mexico did not cause any personal injury to any of our students, sisters or staff. However because our Girlstown in Chalco is located just outside Mexico City, our facilities there sustained some material damage following the September 19 earthquake. Our other village in Guadalajara is located over 300 miles away from the capital city and was not affected.

To date, the death toll already exceeds 300 victims. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who perished in this immense tragedy.

In our Girlstown, all classes and activities returned to normal the day after the earthquake though our students were understandably shaken by the strength of the earthquake.

Despite the fact that our facilities are constructed to strict building codes following the lessons of the deadly earthquake in Mexico in 1985, the Sisters showed us the damage sustained to the fabric of the building last week. 

Full assessments of the cost of repairs are ongoing.

Crack in classroom wall shown by Sister Martha

Sister Martha shows us a crack on a wall of a classroom – our facilities there did sustain some physical damage, and repair costs are still being assessed.