Serious climatic events couldn’t come at a worse time

The effects of climate change hit the world’s poorest people the hardest. They are disproportionately affected, with failed crops, destroyed housing and disease being the tragic outcomes from extreme weather events. The fall-out from these disasters further plunges communities on the fringes of society in low income countries into a deeper cycle of poverty.

Many of the girls and boys supported by World Villages for Children  come from these communities which are often located in fragile landscapes and are most vulnerable to climatic events such as flooding and droughts.

Typhoon Goni and Storm Eta wreak havoc

We were very concerned to hear about Typhoon Goni in the Philippines and Storm Eta which devastated large parts of Central America earlier this month. Effects from the latter have particularly impacted on our girls’ school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, which has been battered by the storm and sustained serious structural damage. We are relieved to report that all the Sisters and the children in their care are well and safe.

What is particularly distressing about these two events, however, is that many of the children’s families are in the regions hardest hit by the flooding which has caused landslides and major disruption to communication networks. This has meant that many of the children have not been able to make contact with their loved ones to check on their safety. Our thoughts are very much with them at this difficult rime.

Covid-19 deepens the poverty crisis

Terrible natural disasters like these couldn’t come at a worse time for countries in the developing world as they try to cope with the impact from the pandemic. Covid-19 is only going to deepen multidimensional poverty in the low to middle income countries.

According to recent Save the Children/Unicef data, 150 million children are lacking access to education and/or health services. A report published in October by UNESCO, Unicef and the World Bank, has found that children in the poorest countries have already lost nearly four months of schooling since the start of Covid-19. For some, losses in learning can never be fully recouped and have costs that will be borne for a lifetime.  Within this context we are immensely proud that all our schools have remained open throughout the pandemic.

Education ends poverty

There has never been a more important moment in recent history to ensure that young people across the globe get the education they deserve. We remain as committed as ever to our vision of working towards a world where every child grows up free from poverty.