Thank you for your support!

Your generous support for our Water Well appeal earlier in the year has helped us to begin construction of the new well at our Girls’ school in Guatemala, Zona 13. With your help, we will be able to provide the girls with access to clean water for drinking and sanitation.

In Guatemala there is a real scarcity of safe drinking water, particularly during the dry season. This troubling situation is due to poor infrastructure, pollution, population growth, a lack of government funding, and an unregulated water and sanitation sector in Guatemala.

This situation presented a significant challenge for the Sisters: in March, when the dry season begins, mains supply ceases and they have to order in large quantities of water for the school. Each week they required three tons to be delivered, which is used to prepare food for the children, allow them to wash, clean their clothes and simply to ensure that they have safe water to drink. Each month this had cost nearly £1300!

Now with that cost eliminated more of your vital donations can go towards educating even more children.