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Laura’s Story

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Laura wearing a baseball cap

Our Girlstown in Chalco is currently home to 2,680 middle and high school students from the poorest families in the country.

Four seven-story buildings house the children’s dormitories and classrooms, and the girls here are provided with everything they need to enjoy a proper childhood and learn the skills that will help them get future employment.

At school, they have access to a variety of facilities for sports and the opportunity to play, including a swimming pool, basketball and football courts to maintain their health and fitness, improve mental wellbeing and build their confidence and independence.

Students in class being instructed by a teacher

Their school programme covers the full range of academic studies and vocational training. Subjects such as accounting, dress-making, and jewellery making are taught and enjoyed. Our girls gain the skills needed by local employers so they’re work-ready once they leave and can build lasting careers to support themselves and their families.

The day-care centre in Mexico based near the school in Chalco cares for young children from the nearby communities up to age five and allows their mothers to work. The children attend for a full day and receive three nutritious meals, supervised play and early learning opportunities. There are 107 children currently in this day-care facility.

New Arrivals in 2023

In 2023 we are delighted to welcome 779 new girls into school. These girls come from the poorest communities across Mexico and would have had no chance of escaping poverty without the generous support of our donors.



Girls in school aged 11 to 18


Students graduated in 2023


New girls welcomed to school in 2023