Sister Marchery meets with a Tanzanian family outside their mud hut

Meeting potential candidates for Dodoma Boystown

As construction for Dodoma Boystown begins to make headway, the Sisters in Tanzania are moving forward with making community visits to the most remote regions of Tanzania to meet families with boys who urgently need support into education.

The Sisters have travelled to the most remote and unreachable communities like Arusha and Kilimanjaro, to meet boys in urgent need of care, protection and education. Over 51% of poor secondary age boys in Tanzania remain out of education. For those who have access to school, teaching quality is low and sometimes there are 131 children to every 1 teacher in the class.

Families in these regions live in desperate poverty. Every day basic needs like food, water, and safe shelter are a struggle. Access to education for their young children is impossible and without it there is no better future for these vulnerable youngsters. The families beg the Sisters for help for their sons and with the support of our donors we may be able to make this a reality for some.


Sister with a family group in Tanzania outside their mud hut home
Method (second from left) with his siblings, aunt and Sister Marchery

Meet Method

Method is just one of the boys hoping for a place at the new school. He is the second of five children. The children are in the care of their aunt, a polio survivor.

The family lives in this small house of clay with no water and electricity. Method met with Sister Marchery on her community visit to Kibaha in the Pwani Region of Tanzania.

Without an education, Method faces a life trapped in poverty but with a place at school, regular meals and an education Method has a way to earn a good living, to help lift his family out of poverty, to help his younger siblings into education and work, and improve all their lives.

Sister Marchery meets Papily in Tanzania with his aunt and young cousins outdie a mud hut
Papily (far right) with his aunt, to young cousins and Sister Marchery.

Meet Papily

Papily was abandoned by his parents. He is currently living with his aunt, whose husband is a fruit-vendor. He is pictured here with his aunt and his two younger cousins.

They all live in this small house of clay with no water and electricity.

Papily relies on the support of his extended family for his most basic needs. Daily life is hard and without an education, Papily will remain stuck in this life, with no route out of poverty.

Both of these boys need and deserve our support. Their families are too poor to pay for school or education materials and without help their future lives will be limited.