A boy in school uniform on a stage with a medal


In the Philippines, the month of May has been focused on celebrating the end of school for the final year, grade 12 boys and girls.  It is an enormous achievement for these children who had such a difficult start in life and we are so proud to announce the following graduations-At the Cebu schools – in Talisay Girlstown, 585 graduates, and Minglanilla Boystown 426, and in the Cavite schools Adlas Boystown, had 427 graduates and Biga Girlstown, 515.

100% of these children are all now employed many already helping their families. May of the children will also continue to study to attain further and higher education qualifications.

In Tanzania 105 Trainees at the Kiluvya Training Centre graduated in May. The graduates were in Food Production (40), Electrical Installation (27) and Tailoring (38). These women now have the skills and expertise they need to be self sufficient and to provide a steady income for their families either employed as part of local businesses or by becoming business owners themselves!

A mother and her children with a nun

Visiting day

In Guatemala, both of of our schools had a family Visiting Day in May. This is a day for the parents and relatives of students to reunite with their loved ones, visit the school and see how their children are thriving. During the visit the parents can see for themselves how much the school has benefited the children, meet the Sisters and teachers who care for them and see the safe and happy environment which nurtures their child whilst away from home.

It’s also a chance for the children to show their families how much they have grown and learned. Using their time away from the family to excel and strive for a better future now they have the opportunities that were denied to their families.

Two boys directed in work by a woman

Future employment

Focused on final employment for the children when they finish school, the children spent a lot of May meeting with new contacts, potential employers and receiving careers advice and training from sector authorities and leaders that will help them for the future.

Grade 12 Adlas boys enjoyed a career development course, Guadalajara grade 5 boys started their on the job training, the 3rd year girls in Guatemala had a financial education course, the Zona 6 boys had a visit from Bi Bank (Banco Industrial) who provided leadership training and the senior Tegucigalpa girls in Honduras enjoyed Biomedical engineering training from the Central American  Technological University (UNITEC).

A group of girls sitting in a courtroom

Brazilian students’ tour at the Supreme Court

The Girls from our school in Brasilia were lucky enough to be given an educational tour of the Supreme Court of Brazil. Visits like these give our children a  chance to see how their country works and how they too can become a part of it’s future, maybe even as a Supreme Court Judge one day!

While they were visiting they also took part in a peaceful demonstration in defence of Children and Adolescents against violence and sexual exploitation. This cause is dear to the hearts of many of our children whose lives in poverty were mired in violence.

A girl holding a certificate and medal

Achievements inside and outside the classroom

The girls in Talisay were First Runner-Up in the environmental competition Eco-Einstein held in Malaysia with the Biga girls ranked 7th and included in 10 finalists in the Cavite wide Search for Math Wizards.

In Guadalajara and Chalco, the boys and girls were thrilled to take part, for the first time, in regional high school chess competitions and in Chalco, 2 of the chess players will now represent Mexico in the national competition.

In the sporting arena, the Biga girls took part in the ICTSI Athletics challenge and bagged gold and bronze medals, the boys in Amarateca (Honduras) won first place in the municipal Volleyball tournament and in Tanzania the Kisarawe girls won the won the district competitions in Football, Choir and Netball.

A group of young children helping in the garden


The children continue to love their gardening time at school and are closely involved in growing and harvesting food for the schools. Even the toddlers at the day care centre in Tanzania have been getting in on the fun!

Gardening at the schools is not only a great way to supplement the diet of the children and learn new skills but also serves as a relaxing activity that the children can participate in during their free time.

Sister Elena flanked by two boys with flowers

Mother's Day

Around the world on 12th May (but not in the UK) the schools celebrated International Mother’s Day.

The Sisters of Mary are devoted to the care of the 20,000 children in their schools worldwide. They provide each child with the love and support they need to recover from their difficult early lives and care for them as a mother would while they are away from home and in their schools.

Each Mother’s day is a chance for all the children to thank the Sisters in each of the schools for the daily love and attention they give to each of the children in their care.