In May 2022, our students celebrated many achievements and excelled in local and national competitions, showcasing their skills and talents. Below you can see highlights from some of our schools and what our supporters are making possible on a daily basis.

girls standing at finish line after running race

Talisay Girlstown, the Philippines

A few selected students from Talisay Girlstown joined the Youth Speech Congress competition to foster communication and leadership following the pandemic.

One of our students, Jessica won first place out of 300 runners in the 3k category in the Cebu City Summer Fun Run of Coco.

In the Provincial Skills Competition 2022, Talisay Girlstown students received gold medals in the Fashion Technology, Electronics Product Assembly and Servicing, Patisserie and Confectionery, and silver medals in the Baking, Cooking, and Visual Graphic Design.

At the Regional Schools Press Conference, students learned more about journalism as a career.

three boys standing with certificates

Amarateca Boystown, Honduras

We are so pleased to hear that 3 students passed to the second stage of the Mathematical Olympiad for a national competition.

The boys in our schools are excelling and working hard to achieve their goals and maximise their potential.

girls at market with food

Kisarawe Girls School, Tanzania

On the 16th June, we celebrated Day of the African Child and the girls gathered together to celebrate with members of their local community. This year’s theme was eliminating harmful practises affecting children.

A big focus of our work and the work of the Sisters, is to provide an excellent education and a place of safety for children to learn and thrive in. An education provides girls with independence and financial security, giving them options beyond entering child marriages, which is an ongoing practise that harms girls’ futures.

Also in May, our girls in Kisarawe Girls School were visited by Cassie and Jordan from Agape Visuals, who photographed the programme and heard first hand the stories from the students and Sisters.


boy working on electronics workshop

Adlas Boystown, the Philippines

In Adlas Boystown, our boys took part in National Online Competitions – Synergy 2022, and Hanep sa Science and Math Quiz Bee.

Pictured on the right is one of our students taking part in a TVET Assessment, as part of their vocational training in mechanics. Students were also assessed in bread and pastry making, electronics, and design.

This past month also saw the Sisters interviewing prospective students in Grade 7 for the new school year.

group of girls in purple shirts holding mangoes

Tegucigalpa Girlstown, Honduras

In Tegucigalpa, our girls were excited to harvest the first mangoes of the season, grown on the grounds of the school, which help supply the students with fresh fruit. As the cost of living soars worldwide, this kind of small scale, subsistence farming at the schools will become even more valuable and necessary to keep costs down and ensure that the funding goes as far as it can to help as many children as possible.

Also in May, the girls received visitors from Germany, who support the programme. The visitors were excited to meet the Sisters and students and see first hand how the students are doing.

boys and sister standing in front of truck with food donation

Zona 6 Boystown, Guatemala

In Zona 6, the school received a very generous donation of food from the Angels of Hope Association, which will help provide meals for all the boys. Guatemala has seen rising food prices over the past few months and support like this is a relief to the Sisters and students.

The boys also celebrated International Biodiversity Day with a special assembly.

The boys also received technical training for industrial welding and the school was awarded an English language scholarship.