Boys holding up gifts and backpacks. Some wearing Rabbit glasses


March at the schools around the world was a busy and exciting time.

The children marked the end of Lent and thanks to you, were able to celebrate a wonderful Easter. You sent in your Easter tags with your donations and so the Sisters were able to purchase a small practical gift for each child and personalise it with your message of support. The children were so touched. They use the tags as bookmarks and keepsakes and cherish them long after the celebrations are over.

Each Easter gift included clothing or supplies for school, a treat and vitamins. In Dodoma, Tanzania, the new boys had geometry sets. These modest presents may not sound like much, but to our newest children it will be the first time they have ever received a gift just for them. It was a day of great joy – thanks to you.

a family and a nun stand in front of a wooden shack

Rural outreach

The Sisters were once again hard at work travelling in rural and remote areas to meet the children who most need their help. Recently, the Sisters have focused on reaching out to new communities which are deeply deprived and often inaccessible.

The most impoverished areas of the country, with roads not fit for purpose and little access to any services, have the poorest families without means to support themselves or access to education for their children. They have little hope for the future of their vulnerable boys and girls.

A place at the Sisters of Mary school for just one of these children can transform the outcome of a whole family, sometimes generations of that family. It is only thanks to the generosity of our supporters that the Sisters are able to reach these most needy children.

girls examining a line of 3D printers

In other news

For those children we are able to welcome, the place at our school gives them the precious chance of a normal childhood and they grasp it with both hands, taking advantage of all the opportunities in and out of the classroom.

The youngsters at school in São Paulo thrived with the Sisters and enjoyed learning and playing in their care.

The older girls in Brasilia, participated in “Campus Party: Brasilia”. This festival of science, technology and entrepreneurship allowed the girls to experience piloting planes, racing cars and even submarines in realistic environments, see a drone arena and workshops on 3D food printing. The students learned a lot and were excited to see where their skills in STEM can take them!

In Honduras, the under 15 girls football team took first place in the Mariachi Cup, the boys in Adlas achieved 4 medals in a national Maths & science quiz and those in Minglanilla became champions in the UP Inter school high science quiz competition.

boys in school uniforms handing out bread
Our boys in Tanzania use their new baking skills to help their community

Learning and using new skills

Across all the schools March was especially a time for acquiring new practical skills and getting ready for the world of work.

In Adlas, the Project Manager of Porsche visited the school to talk about future jobs.

In Guatemala, (Zona 6, boys) the team from Toyota were warmly welcomed as they came to meet the Sisters, to discuss future job offers for the boys and to offer help with upgrading the automechanics workshop there to train the boys.

In East Africa, the new boys at the school in Dodoma had a busy month. They were harvesting the first crops from their individual plots of land allocated by the Sisters.

They also enjoyed their first vocational classes of computing and welding and used their brand new baking skills to bake bread for 200 local poor families.